Jan. 7th, 2019

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There is about 1 WEEK to make your pledge for [community profile] getyourwordsout 2019. We will not accept any pledges made after January 15. You MUST PLEDGE and MUST REQUEST MEMBERSHIP to be a member. If you have done only one or have deleted your pledge comment, you are NOT a member for 2019. (If you are listed under "2019" on the user profile list, you have done both and are good to go.)

To pledge, you must leave a comment with a completed pledge form on one of the Pledge Posts linked below.

Have you pledged?
Word Count Pledges
Light, 75K words
Modest, 150K words
Basic, 200K words
Moderate, 250K words
Difficult, 300K words
Insane, 350K words
Ludicrous, 500K words

Habit Pledges
Apprentice, 120 days
Journeyman, 240 days
Master, 350 days

Make sure you reply to one of the above linked posts with a COMPLETE pledge comment—you must list your DW username, pledge level, and a statement of writing goals. The statement of writing goals is not optional.

Have you requested membership?
Request Membership

Have you confirmed your pledge?
Check the 2019 profile list (scroll down)


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