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Pledge Post: 500K Words (Ludicrous)

This is the post to make a pledge to write 500K words in 2017. This pledge is the largest of the goals and is meant for any writers who really want to test their stamina. While writing half a million words in a year is no easy task, we’ve had several members not only complete this pledge, but exceed it! Be prepared to devote your life to writing if you select this one!

For this pledge, the recommended pacing is:
• 41.6K words per month
• 1,370 words per day

You will not be able to change your pledge mid-year, so think carefully before pledging!

Signing up confirms that you have read the membership requirements and understand that you will be required to check in monthly with your word count.

Once you have pledged, please request to join the community. We will add everyone starting January 1.

Comments on this post are screened, but once you have been verified, you will be listed on the user info page under your pledge for 2017. If you have any questions, please ask on the Pledges & Requirements post.

Cut & Paste Pledge Form:

Thank you for your pledge, and we can't wait to write with you in 2017!