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GYWO 2016 Finishers

Now that the final numbers are in, we have one more post to wrap up GYWO 2016.

While we commend every writer who stuck with [community profile] getyourwordsout through the entire year, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the writers who didn’t just stick with the community but who also achieved their pledged goal.

Below the cut is a list of the writers who met or surpassed 100% of their pledge goal. With their name is listed the percentage they achieved and when they completed their pledge. It’s a truly amazing achievement! Come celebrate these writers for completing their GYWO challenge! (If you want to check out the amazing word count totals, see the 2016 Word Count Spreadsheet.)

Light, 75K
[personal profile] anastasis (213%, March)
[personal profile] ariane (113%, December)
[personal profile] auronlu (102%, December)
[ profile] icywind (123%, November)
[personal profile] karanguni (132%, June)
[personal profile] ofmonstrouswords (104%, October)
[personal profile] prisca (175%, October)
[personal profile] shadowcat (136%, October)
[personal profile] sophia_helix (142%, September)
[personal profile] stormyhearted (105%, December)
[personal profile] teigh_corvus (225%, September)
[profile] thebonesofferalletters (101%, December)
[personal profile] tommygirl (128%, April)
[ profile] winterlitwings (140%, November)
[personal profile] zenkitty (175%, November)

Modest, 150K
[personal profile] abriata (122%, November)
[personal profile] aj_horn (108%, November)
[ profile] alea_hound (100%, December)
[personal profile] alobear (108%, November)
[personal profile] ambivia (109%, August)
[ profile] applepips16 (102%, December)
[personal profile] aukestrel (112%, November)
[ profile] avon (129%, November)
[personal profile] azriona (155%, July)
[personal profile] birggitt (135%, October)
[personal profile] fluffybun (116%, November)
[ profile] gryphonella (104%, December)
[personal profile] handmaid (189%, April)
[personal profile] hiddencait (100%, December)
[personal profile] kindness_says (112%, December)
[personal profile] kizzia (171%, September)
[personal profile] lassarina (131%, November)
[personal profile] littledust (118%, November)
[ profile] luvsev (100%, December)
[ profile] pigeonquestions (131%, November)
[ profile] seren_ccd (103%, December)
[ profile] sixphanel (107%, December)
[ profile] stydia (104%, December)
[personal profile] theemdash (156%, August)
[personal profile] theshadowpanther (133%, November)
[personal profile] velocitygrass (269%, March)
[ profile] xspitefulangelx (102%, December)
[personal profile] yachiru (102%, August)

Basic, 200K
[ profile] 2cbetter2 (133%, October)
[personal profile] aphreal42 (105%, December)
[personal profile] bookblather (107%, November)
[ profile] callmedirk (113%, October)
[personal profile] callmesandyk (170%, June)
[personal profile] carenejeans (100%, December)
[personal profile] datrumbledoe (104%, November)
[ profile] dizzy_redhead (131%, November)
[ profile] fickle_fics (100%, December)
[personal profile] gracerene (103%, November)
[ profile] incandescent (118%, November)
[ profile] jedimara77 (127%, November)
[ profile] m_findlow (251%, July)
[personal profile] meridian_rose (100%, December)
[personal profile] momebie (104%, December)
[ profile] sidnihoudini (110%, October)
[personal profile] tinzelda (111%, November)
[ profile] tonks42 (100%, December)

Moderate, 250K
[personal profile] deannie (152%, September)
[ profile] jennickels (159%, May)
[personal profile] kate (167%, May)
[personal profile] ponygirl72 (147%, August)
[personal profile] sidhe_faerie (127%, October)
[ profile] sullenhearts (103%, November)

Difficult, 300K
[personal profile] ariandara (103%, November)
[personal profile] blueraccoon (183%, July)
[personal profile] crankydragon (123%, November)
[personal profile] dialecticdreamer (133%, June)
[personal profile] lady_ganesh (109%, November)
[personal profile] roane (134%, September)
[personal profile] sobota (112%, November)

Insane, 350K
[personal profile] bloodofareptile (122%, November)
[personal profile] dhampyresa (128%, November)
[ profile] peartreealley (100%, December)

Ludicrous, 500K
[personal profile] szmandalove (205%, July)
[personal profile] seeksadventure (115%, November)
[personal profile] doreyg (584%, March)
[ profile] llblckraincloud (141%, September)
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Congrats, everyone!! \o/
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[personal profile] cyberiad_queen 2017-01-06 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
Wowwie! That is seriously impressive!

Nice job, everybody! <3
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Wow, congratulations everyone!!
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Huzzah! Congratulations everyone!