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All Users: If you do not currently have access to the community, check your inbox. We have PM’d everyone who has a problem with either their pledge or their membership. The PM will have more information about what you need to do to be a GYWO 2019 member.

Dreamwidth Users If you want to be a member of the community and have already pledged, please make sure your membership request has been approved or that you have accepted a member invitation sent by a moderator. You are a member of the DW community if your name appears in the Members list (scroll to the bottom of the page and look under “Members”). Your name MUST appear in the Members list if you wish to have access to the Dreamwidth community.

If your name is not in that list, please check to see if you have an invitation to accept or request membership.

If You Also Have a Livejournal If you also want to have access to the Livejournal administrative mirror, please check to see if you have an invitation to accept or request membership. You are already a member of the LJ community if your name appears in the Members list.

When sign-ups close end of day on Jan 15, that includes allowing people to request membership, so please act quickly to make sure you have access to the community/communities!

If you have not pledged, you must pledge before requesting membership.

You must have accepted or requested membership at either the LJ or DW community to be a member.

If you have pledged but don’t have membership, send a PM to [personal profile] gywomod. We may have a question about your pledge or need to vet your account.
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