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For Get Your Words Out 2015, [personal profile] theemdash and [personal profile] dark_roast would like to add a third (and possibly 4th) full-time moderator to help better distribute the moderator responsibilities. We are specifically looking for people who would be willing to assist with:
  • making scheduled posts from the moderator account
  • starting discussions
  • taking responsibility for Word War volunteers
  • drafting the Best Of Twitter & Tumblr posts*
  • assisting with writing prompts for Twitter*
  • assisting with ongoing challenges to be determined
  • *No Twitter or Tumblr account is needed; you’ll be provided login information to the gywo accounts as necessary.

We have a handful of requirements for moderators:
  • completed at least one year with [community profile] getyourwordsout OR have at least 1 year experience moderating a writing community
  • never removed from [community profile] getyourwordsout for missed check-ins
  • passion for helping others get their words out
  • available to commit time for the whole year
  • account for GoogleDrive

We would prefer to have a moderator who has both Livejournal and Dreamwidth accounts, but it is not required so long as you remember to crosspost from the gywomod account. Also we want to emphasize, you do NOT have to be a previous member of GYWO if you have modding experience, but it is preferred.

Leave a comment or PM [personal profile] theemdash if you are interested. Please tell us if you have any modding experience, what you’d be excited about doing, what time conflicts you have (e.g., 9-5 work week), your email address with GoogleDrive access, and any questions you have for us.

Comments are screened. Any comment with personal information will remain screened.


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